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    The DarkBox RePlay is a full universe DMX recorder and player with a built in 8 channel constant voltage LED dimmer. The DarkBox RePlay allows for standalone playback of its own LEDs and any attached DMX slave devices from a recorded DMX sequence stored on its micro-SD card. This controller benefits the user by providing a compact device that can playback timeline based DMX events without the need for large show control devices after the initial recording. Triggered inputs allow the device to play from 2 distinct DMX stream files. Append and overwrite record modes allow the user to easily build sequences one after another or overwrite the existing files. DMX sequences stored on the micro-SD card can be copied and transferred for easy duplication of sequences for multiple devices. The DarkBox RePlay is perfect for automated shows, props, animations, or even entire live events!

    SKU DB41
    Input 9-30VDC
    Power Rating Max 4A load (500mA per channel)
    Output 8 channel PWM output (9-30V @ 500mA per channel)
    DMX output
    Dimming PWM
    Dimensions 91mm (3.6″) x 62mm (2.4″) x 17mm (.7″)
    Connector Type Phoenix type screw terminals
    Exterior Finish Black power coat aluminum
    IP Rating IP30
    Release Date Spring 2013
    • 2 DMX sequences can be recorded onto micro-SD card and played back to any attached DMX slave devices
    • Tactile or electrical input triggers can activate DMX sequences
    • Configurable for loop or one-shot DMX playback
    • Built-in DMX controlled constant voltage 8 channel PWM dimmer (500mA per channel)
    • Multiple devices can be daisy chained for increased dimmer channel count (4A max through current)
    • Compact form factor allows device to be installed in-situ as a self contained lighting solution
    • Fused power and DMX input and optoisolated input triggers for added electrical protection
    • Props and animatronics
    • Full pre-recorded light show
    • Ride vehicles with interactive lights
    • Live stage performances
    • Trigger based special effect sequences

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