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Gantom, formerly Darklight, was founded in spring of 2010 as a manufacturer of special effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry. The “Precision” series of LED fixtures were developed with compactness, safety, modularity, and ease of use in mind, allowing lighting designers to illuminate environments that were not previously possible with larger fixtures. .

The industry recognized Gantom iQ, an ultra-compact image projector, spearheaded our focus into the specified lighting market. Our award winning products have since become the “secret weapon” of many lighting designers and industry experts and have been installed in a wide range of applications including theme parks, museums, bars & clubs, casinos, and haunted attractions all around the world.

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Gantom One Ultraviolet
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Compact, powerful, versatile… this is the One. Gantom listened to some of the most skilled lighting professionals in the industry and based on their input designed the One; the pinspot to rule all pinspots. Compared to a traditional 30W pinspot the One runs cooler and safer on far less power, has much cleaner optics, and can even be run on batteries. To top it off the One includes an integrated, easy to use magnetic accessory mounting system. Choose from an almost infinite array of colors and...

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No bigger than your favorite multi-tool, the GPlex is first DMX controller that actually fits in your pocket… and you control it straight from your smartphone! We built this tool for anyone who uses DMX; stagehands, techs, LDs, sales reps, and developers can all benefit from the GPlex to get their work done without needing access to an actual lighting console.Simply download our free mobile app for iOS or Android and connect your smartphone to the GPlex using an audio cable, you now control...

Powerpak Portable Rechargeable Battery Unit Pack
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Nominal Voltage: 12VDC 5V USBCapacity: 12V/6000mAh 5V/12000mAhLimited Charge Voltage: 12.6VMax charge current: 3AMax discharge current: 3AFeaturesOver-charge ProtectionShort-circuit ProtectionHow long do they last on a full charge?Depends on how many lights are run from it, but let's say it's just 1 Gantom One.6000 mAh / (400 mAh draw from Gantom One) x .7 (to factor in battery factors) = ~ 10.5 hours1 Precision Z's draw 125 mAh. (6000 mAh / 125 x .7) = ~ 33 hours.*Know that these are...

Precision Z Spotlight
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The Precision Z Spotlight produces a concentrated point-source light equivalent to traditional 20W halogen fixtures in a highly energy and space efficient package. The fixture’s modular design allows it to be swapped with other fixtures without the hassle of cutting wires, allowing for fast design changes and reconfiguration. The industrial machined aluminum chassis gives the Precision Z an elegant form yet functions as a rugged shell and heat sink to protect the LED and core electronics even...

Color Piano Spot
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