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Retail: $1,139.95
Price: $799.99
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Item #: 021453 -

The ADJ Entourage is a 1500W professional grade touring Faze Machine built into a durable flight case. This pro Fazer offers a very quick warm-up time and produces a massive amount of atmosphere. The Entourage features an easy to read LED function display with fog timer, continuous fog and manual fog options. Connections include 3-pin and 5-pin DMX and PowerCon AC input. Uses high quality water based fog fluid.

Haze Generator
Retail: $679.95
Price: $499.99
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American DJ Item #: 015357 -

The Haze Generator puts out an even mist that floats higher than traditional fog. Because haze isn't as dense as fog, it allows your audience to see comfortably, but is still dense enough to add epic dimension to your lights. From filling out par can washes and strobes to tracing laser lines and effect lights, the haze produced by ADJ's Haze Generator is a real crowd pleaser. At 1,000 cubic feet per minute and zero warm up time, the ADJ Haze Generator will fill most performance spaces in...

Hurricane Haze 4D
Retail: $589.99
Price: $439.99
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Chauvet DJ Item #: 021368 -

Hurricane Haze 4D is a low profile hazer with an adjustable scoop to direct the haze and a discreet fan. It can be controlled with the included wired timer remote and built-in DMX.Highlights• Low profile hazer that will fill the room with a light haze to enhance any light show• Built-in volume and fan speed knobs offer smooth, stand-alone operation• High output, low noise fan allows the unit to be used in any environment• Small footprint allows the machine to be placed in any location• Direct...

HZ-350 DMX Haze Machine
Retail: $900.00
Price: $720.00
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Antari Item #: 020274 -

HZ-350, a brand new haze machine from Antari with not only the reliable quality as a tradition but also new charming features! With the innovative LCD control panel built in the machine, now you can master this classic haze machine without effort at all. The digital LCD control system now allows users to set the timer and DMX address directly and accurately by just moving their fingertips. Furthermore. wireless on/off control is another excitement for users who need to execute the output...

Retail: $1,600.00
Price: $1,280.00
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Antari Item #: 018282 -

A Professional haze machine that enhances any lighting show, the HZ-400 is equipped with two haze nozzles capable of producing large volume of haze output required by bigger venues. It’s internal compressor is extremely powerful, quiet and very efficient. The added on-board DMX allows users to control the unit remotely either via timer or wireless.

HZ-500 Touring Class Haze Machine
Retail: $2,100.00
Price: $1,680.00
Availability: In Stock
Antari Item #: 018212 -

INTRODUCTION OF HZ-500 Antari is proud to unveil the most up-to-date Hazer, HZ-500, to the entertainment industry. HZ-500 is a groundbreaking masterpiece created by Antari R&D team with enormous experience in studying and designing haze machines after years of hard work. Therefore, the performance of HZ-500 is second to none and better than any other haze on stage. It can work with laser beams, lighting perfectly and bring the best atmospheric effects to all events. HZ-500 is definitely the...

Jem Compact Hazer Pro
Price: $1,595.00
Availability: In Stock
Martin by Harman Item #: 014044 -

The Jem Compact Hazer ProTM is a versatile haze machine from Martin Professional designed for the highly demanding professional market. Its ability to produce exceptionally fine atmospheric haze in a short period of time makes it an ideal choice for rental houses, shows, theatres, TV studios, clubs, bars, cruise ships, theme parks and more. Robust yet small and lightweight, the Jem Compact Hazer ProTM is capable of dispersing an even, continuous haze with superior optical clarity and...

Z-350 Fazer
Retail: $480.00
Price: $384.00
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Antari Item #: 015104 -

The Z-350 is the latest creation from Antari stemming from years of experience in Fazer development.The adoption of the air pump technology not only enables the Z-350 to generate dry haze but also provides its heater with a self-cleaning function. The Z-350 comes with a larger tube of one diameter, which substantially reduces the risk of heater clogging.An extremely low fluid consumption rate grants a full tank (1.3 liters) of the Z-350 to produce more than 7 hours of non-stop hazing at...

Z-380 1500W Hanging Water Based Fazer
Retail: $625.00
Price: $500.00
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Antari Item #: 021594 -

The new Z-380 Fazer™ is the latest creation from Antari™, which provides an impressive output of 6,000 cubic foot per minute, features include a hanging bracket for truss installations, a rear panel LCD interface for easier control, and an improved heater design with larger size tubing reducing clogging issues and extending the life of the heater. Optional accessories include wireless and wired remote control kits.